The Need

Villa de Vida was founded in response to the growing demand for permanent housing
for adults with developmental disabilities, of which the majority are
under the care of aging parents



To build residential communities and provide support services to enable adults with developmental disabilities to live as independently as possible.

core values

Villa de Vida is committed to the values of graciousness, inclusion, and respect and expects those values to permeate all we do.

Phases of Development 

The development of Villa de Vida includes three overlapping phases:

  1. Planning, financing and building the low-income housing complex, Villa de Vida, Poway, an Independent Apartment Community (IAC) providing apartments for 54 residents with 51 single-occupancy independent apartments and 3 double-occupancy apartments.

  2. Developing community relationships while identifying, planning, financing and building the service organizations included at Villa de Vida.

  3. Managing the overall project once the complex is opened, occupied and services are being provided.


The Dream

Our dream for Villa de Vida is for everyone to thrive.


Community Approach


Permanent Supportive Housing

Villa de Vida Apartments – A permanent supportive and affordable housing community designed to serve the independent housing needs of persons with developmental disabilities. Villa de Vida Apartments are being developed as a limited partnership between Villa de Vida, Inc. and Mercy Housing California.

residential services coordination

Services at Villa de Vida – There will be free and optional services provided to all the residents.  These services will fill the gaps between the residents and the services provided by other licensed professionals (e.g. psychologists, accountants, and therapists). Villa de Vida will provide resident service coordination to connect all available services to the community outside of the apartments and a community enhancement and activities coordinator to provide life enhancement skills and community building inside the apartment building.



Help make our dream a reality for those with developmental disabilities.


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