Housing for Adults with Developmental Disabilities in San Diego County
Plans to Break Ground

February 19, 2018


Keegan wants his own place, where he can be part of a safe, loving and supportive community, says Denise Longo, mom of 25-year old special needs son, Keegan, and Villa de Vida Board Member.

Villa de Vida, an approved 54-unit residential project for adults with developmental disabilities, is scheduled to break ground mid year in Poway, a city north of San Diego County, California and targeted to be completed as early as winter of 2019.

With a majority of special needs adults currently under the care of aging parents, Villa de Vida was founded in response to the growing demand for permanent supportive housing. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show an increasing number of American children have development disabilities.

“What happens to these children when they reach adulthood,” asked Dr. Edward “Ted” Merchant, CEO and Founder of Villa de Vida.  “What happens when their parents are no longer able to care for them?”

It is estimated that 71.5% of people with developmental disabilities currently receive residential care from family caregivers, of whom some 25% are over age 60, according to the Center for Healthcare Strategies Report.

“I don’t want our other children to feel responsible to have to care for their brother.  Their life is unique enough having a sibling with special needs,” continues Longo. “Keegan should live his life with respect and dignity. He can have a meaningful and  fulfilling independent lifestyle at Villa de Vida, where he will feel proud.”

“We need financial assistance, encouragement and community support,” says Merchant, "but most importantly, the support of dignity toward individuals with development and intellectual challenges.  They deserve to be recognized for being beautifully and wonderfully made, just like us.  And with your help in building Villa de Vida, we can extend that dignity to them.”

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