Permanent Supportive Housing

Decent, Safe, Affordable, Community-based Housing

  • PSH offers an apartment, the tenant determines their own lifestyle.
  • People choose if they want to live in PSH by deciding to apply for tenancy just like any apartment.
  • Individuals have, at a minimum, the same responsibilities and protections from eviction that tenants have under the landlord/tenant law of the State, county, city, or other designated entity.
  • Each apartment has a door with a lock; tenant has their own key.
  • Each apartment has a kitchen with a fridge and a stove, bathroom with shower, living room, bedroom.
  • Individuals have the freedom to furnish on their own.
  • Tenant's choice of services.
  • Tenants control their own schedules and activities.
  • Tenants come and go as they please, have visitors, cook their own food, etc.

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Resident Service Coordination & Enrichment

Taking an integrated community approach to support adults with developmental disabilities

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Become A Beacon of Hope To Others

We are always in need for volunteers and
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