Residential Services Coordination

Villa de Vida recognizes that the great majority of persons with developmental challenges need to have supportive services in order to maintain independence. We recognize that the needs of individual residents will vary. The resident services coordinator and the activities coordinator will also help to connect residents with such services as personal finance, residential life, nutrition, healthy lifestyles, wellness, community enrichment, employment, job retention, social adjustment, and character development that are available through private vendors, the San Diego Regional Center and volunteer organizations. If residents are currently lacking those services in their plan, in some cases, Villa de Vida staff will provide classes and activities to help fill gaps.

Villa de Vida Services will not be contracted with the Regional Center. We anticipate VDV residents having the opportunity to choose to use the services offered by Villa de Vida, other private vendors and vendors contracted with public funders including the Regional Center.


Residential Life

Caring for a home and living in a community.

Community & Enrichment

Contributing to the community through volunteer efforts and sharing individual interests and hobbies.

Personal Finances

Developing budgeting and good spending habits.


Developing job skills, taking advantage of Villa de Vida's placement and coaching.

Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyles

Learning good nutritional habits, hygiene practices and exercise.

Personal Social Adjustment

Learning to interact and socialize with others.

Measuring Quality

We envision measuring the quality of the Villa de Vida experience by evaluating the quality of the relationships amongst the residents, the local community and beyond. Employment and job retention exist as an easily measured metric and a primary goal of Villa de Vida. The residents of a prototype community, after which Villa de Vida is modeled, enjoy 90% employment and 90% three-year job retention. We expect a similar success at Villa de Vida.