Help us help people like John

Let's hire Villa de Vida's new Services Director on Giving Tuesday!

COMPASSION CONNECTION COMMUNITY will match the first $10,000.


My 25 year old son is tall, good looking and on the autistic spectrum. In 2017, he found himself in a homeless shelter for 2 months. “I slept in an auditorium with 45 older men sleeping side by side, lots of snoring and unhealthy food,” he reported.

Although the homeless shelter provided services for John, he was unable to follow the recommendations that could have led to permanent housing or employment because he simply did not understand them. He felt stuck and the sad thing is that this is not unusual. According to HUD, 40% of homeless individuals have disabilities.

After 2 months in the shelter, the rules required him to leave, with nowhere to go but the street. He was frightened and concerned for his safety. I was scared to death. My son lived in temporary housing for the next 8 months.

John is just one example of the many young adults with developmental disabilities who need a supportive living environment. As a mom, I want my son to be in a place that offers safety and belonging; a place with services that were tailored to meet his needs, ultimately leading to employment and community engagement. A place to call home.

* Although this is a true story from someone in our San Diego community, the name is fictitious to protect his identity.


Villa de Vida will be a place someone like John can call home!

When you think of Villa de Vida, you may simply be thinking, “housing project”, but the Villa de Vida community will be a hub for living services and social resources. We intend to open our doors with a complement of social resources assisting in: job search and retention, apartment living, health and wellness, nutrition and exercise, personal finance and group activities, some provided by existing vendors and the remainder provided by us at subsidized costs or for free.

We anticipate providing these services even before we open our doors and we need your help to make that happen. Help us provide the loving and supportive community that people like John need by supporting us on #GivingTuesday.