Feeling Good About the Person in the Mirror

2018 Letter From The Chairman

Hello Friends!

Villa de Vida has seen another year of incredible progress toward our goal of Empowering Adults with Special Needs to Live and Explore Life Fully. We received a multimillion-dollar commitment for building costs from San Diego County. Support for Villa de Vida from the City of Poway and surrounding communities continues to grow. Our “Score” for receiving a California Tax Credit Allocation continues to increase. And, we are progressively more confident in our obtaining a Tax Credit Allocation in 2019. We anticipate Villa de Vida will “open its doors” in 2021. It has been a “long haul” to get this far as the increasing maturity of Villa de Vida demonstrates.

Villa de Vida is now directing efforts toward additional services. Our most costly service is housing which has occupied most of our energies.  However, we want to open our doors with a complement of social resources assisting in: job search and retention, apartment living, health and wellness, nutrition and exercise, personal finance and group activities. We anticipate that many services will be provided by existing vendors. We also anticipate Villa de Vida, Inc. will need to provide additional resources at subsidized costs or for free.

Since our confidence in financing Villa de Vida housing is high, we are redirecting our fundraising toward these additional services. We anticipate providing them even before we open our doors. We are hiring a director to help develop and implement our strategy. We anticipate these costs will increase our total operating budget to $250,000 for year 2019. We continue to need your help.

I like to say: “Working for Villa de Vida allows us to feel good about the person in the mirror.” I invite you to join us as we look in that mirror. Please consider including Villa de Vida in your generous year-end giving to help finance these services. Forms allowing you to contribute are included in this mailing. Alternately, you can visit our new web site at www.villadevida.org, or you can contact our Executive Director, Hunter Christian at hchristian@villadevida.org. I personally and sincerely thank you for your support. I wish you Happy Holidays and a productive 2019. Please feel free to contact me any time with your questions or concerns, ebmerchant@villadevida.org.

Best personal regards,

Ted Merchant, Chairman of the Board