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Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyles

Personal Character Development

Community & Enrichment

Health and Fitness

The health of our community is important to us. Our Staff members are aware of each resident’s health care needs and locate medical services based upon each individual’s health insurance, etc. A staff member also accompanies each resident to his/her doctor’s appointments. We monitor the medication that each resident needs and send a text message to the resident when it is time for him/her to take medication as instructed by his/her doctor.

Staff members also encourage and supervise physical activities as recommended by the resident’s physician.

Financial Security

Personal Finances

Staff will coach residents how to set up a budget. Residents will also learn how to pay bills, spend and save money accordingly.


Finding and keeping a job are essential for independent living. As such, developing relationships with employers in and around the residence is essential. Once those relationships are established, efforts will be made to have appropriate employment opportunities available for all residents. The following programs will be developed and used by every resident to the best of their abilities.

Job placement services:
  • Staff member will assist each resident in acquiring a paid job position outside of the residence.
  • Applications, references, interviews
Job skills and retention program:
  • Job coach
  • Work program (cluster or individual models)
Transportation coordination to and from work
Creative arts/activities to market and sell
Assesment/parent interviews to identify the strengths, weaknesses and interests
Within-site occupations (around the unit/complex)

Eating and Exercise

Tracking Nutrition

Healthy eating habits will be nurtured via consultation with a trained nutritionist. For some residents, reinforcement will be provided for documenting and selecting healthy foods. Keeping track of the foods one eats is an initial step towards creating healthy dietary habits. Residents will have access to healthy snack and meal options daily.

Cooking and Meal Planning

Cooking classes may be another alternative course so as to teach healthy and safe cooking practices. These classes would incorporate community visits to local markets, budgeting for food purchases, navigating the social nuances of purchasing items, and the storage, preparation and cooking of the food.

Physical Activites

Staying active is an integral element to a healthy lifestyle and an area residents are likely less inclined to consider. Reward programs where residents are given increased access to highly desired activites or to novel activities contingent upon gradually increasing participation in physical fitness activities will be instituted.

Person Centered Planning

Specific programs will be developed for each individual through consultation with the individual, his or her family, and appropriate professionals. Staff members are present to support the daily activities of the Personal Character Development program and provide support to individuals as needed.

Community First

At Villa de Vida, we encourage each individual to contribute to the community through volunteer efforts and fostering individual interests and hobbies. A staff member can assist each resident in identifying each resident's interest and acquiring a volunteer position in the community.

Supplemental Programs

Some programs may be regularly scheduled and active programs assumed the be generally desired by most. Additional programs will be created and input from surveys directed towards the staff and residents so as to facilitate social involvement via highly desired activities.

Movie Night

Weekly or bi-weekly movies will be presented in the common room and a collection of movies will be available for rental as well.

Book Club

Many residents will enjoy reading and may choose to engage in discussions with others regarding particular books.

Community Events

Outings to preferred locations (beaches, museums, malls, etc) will be incorporated as often as possible.

Game Night

Game night context emphasizes social communication and interaction over winning and losing.

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