Dear Friends of Villa de Vida:

I sincerely want to thank every one of you for making 2015 an amazing year for Villa de Vida.  As we look forward to 2016, I would like to ask you to keep us in your thoughts and prayers: 

  • To be able to finalize the Exclusive Negotiating Rights Agreement and transition to the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) with the City of Poway in the spring of 2016. 
  • To achieve funding from the County of San Diego.  We are working on a very aggressive timeline as we anticipate a funding opportunity with the County of San Diego in the early part of 2016. 
  • To achieve Low Income Housing Tax Credits.  Our goal is to submit the application on July 1st, which means we need to finalize the DDA and achieve entitlements with the City of Poway, reach the additional $2.5 million in private capital reserve to meet the required $5 million, and obtain funding from the San Diego County by June! 
  • To successfully advocate for the protection of consumer’s rights in choosing housing and supportive living services options.
  • For a strong growth and development of Villa de Vida.             

It is your love that keeps us moving forward.  2015 was an incredible year that came with many challenges.  Without the support and sacrifice of amazing champions, volunteers and donors like you, we would not be where we are right now.  As we enter 2016 with so much hope and gratitude, I would like to personally thank you for partaking in this wonderful and life-changing journey. 

Happy New Year!  


Ashley M. Kim

Executive Director